Entry #1


2017-05-03 09:20:44 by skippuh

Hey, just wanted to say a few things:

I'll be uploading more frequently from now on. I finally have four drawings uploaded, and more are on their way. Not that it took me months to finish four drawings. Its just that I had to work up the courage to share my work online. I've always been insecure about sharing the things I've made, but now I'm comfortable putting it all out there. Feel free to leave comments on the things I've uploaded. 

At some point in the near future, I'll be accepting paid comissions for illustrations. So expect an update about that pretty soon.

In other news, I'm working on a short flash animation. I haven't animated in years, so it'll be a neat little challenge. If I enjoy it, don't be surprised to see more animations from me in the future.

And lastly, I wanna make some friends. I like Newgrounds a lot, but I haven't quite connected with the community here. So if you're a cool dude and you like drawing or animating, don't be afraid to hit me up! I'd love to meet more creative people online. If you wanna talk, I'm always on Newgrounds as well as twitter and instagram.

So yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Hope to hear back from some people.


- skippuh




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2017-05-03 10:10:02

dats neat. Catch you soon.


2017-05-03 14:53:52

Nice! I'm actually really stoked that you're gonna start posting more frequently. Your work is too good to keep hidden!